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General questions about our web hosting services

Yes, we do offer SSD drives based hosting.

Yes, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee with all our SSD Hosting and SSD Reseller hosting plans. There is no money-back guarantee on Rope Cloud and Dedicated Servers as it costs to set them up and we are charging no setup fee.

Yes, we do offer 100% uptime SLA with all of our services.

We have multiple data center locations in USA and Europe, all data centers are Tier 4, SOC 3 & HIPAA Certified

All SSD Hosting, SSD Reseller hosting and Rope Cloud accounts will be set up as soon as the order is approved, dedicated servers with pre built configurations will be setup in 15 minutes too, however customized configurations can take more time.

We do accept debit/debit cards , PayPal and bank transfer (ACH, wire transfer).

Yes, Rope Host frequently runs promotions and specials, please kindly keep checking our blog for latest discounted offers.

Yes, You can resell Rope Host services and get our reseller hosting plans too, and it's white-label, we will make your company name server's too, that you can use for your client's website, like and

Yes, you can get dedicated IP with your SSD Hosting plan or SSD Reseller Hosting, simply choose it during your checkout.

You can contact us via support tickets from your client account, email, phone, live chat. Our support team is available 24/7/365.


General questions about our Rope Cloud

Rope Cloud VPS is a virtual private server or instance that is built on Rope Host Cloud, our cloud is built on SSD drives and use many latest virtualization technologies to offer fully redundant and failover cloud infrastructure.

Cloud VPS is a instance or a virtual server that you can build and deploy on Rope Cloud.

Yes, you can add server management to any Cloud VPS during your checkout.

Yes, we do support windows server edition on our Cloud VPS, you can select it during your order checkout.

Yes, the process will be seamless, that is a big advantage of using Cloud, that you can easily scale your Cloud VPS up or down, without any downtime or any other hassle.

There is 1 IP address included with each new Cloud VPS, however, you can add more. (Justification is needed for additional IP's)

Yes, for reselling Rope Host Cloud kindly contact with our sales department.

Yes, you can buy backups with your Cloud VPS.

Bare Metal Servers

General questions about our Bare Metal Servers

A bare metal server is a full server with all of its hardware allocated to you, and you have the full right and access to it.

Yes, you can add server management to any bare metal server, during your checkout.

Yes, you can choose the Windows operating system during your order checkout.

You can see the server location on our bare metal servers page and can choose accordingly.

There is a 1 IP addressed added, you can add extra IP's. (Justification is needed for additional IP's)

Yes, kindly contact with our sales department for reselling our bare metal servers under your own brand and pricing.

Yes, we do provide up to 5Gbps of DDoS protection for free with every server, and you can upgrade it to 1Tbps.

Rope Host private network, is the network within our data center, for example, if you buy 4 dedicated server's in our Dallas, USA DC1, then you can easily connect them via Rope Host private network, and you can transfer data or use them as clusters, without any need of a public network. It is a very handy tool for your server's in a same data center. Please note that Private Network is only available for servers deployed in the same data center location.

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