Per Month

  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mysql Databases
  • Host 1 Domain



Per Month

  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mysql Databases
  • Unlimited Domains



Per Month

  • 25 GB SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Mysql Databases
  • Unlimited Domains

Why should you use Rope Host to host your website?

Not only do we offer feature-rich and high-speed web hosting, but we also have a variety of other great benefits!


We use a high-speed network with global CDN support and SSD drives with powerful nodes for high-speed web hosting.


We use Tier 3+ certified data centers, with fully redundant and failover network infrastructure with load balancing.


All of our hosting plans are fully scalable, and the client can always downgrade or upgrade them with a simple request.


We have certified professional customer care agents, and support staff is available 24/7/365 via tickets, email, and phone.

Website Security & Data Protection

SSL certificates protect the transmission of user sensitive information and give consumers more confidence when purchasing from an online vendor

Shop SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates protect your customer's data including passwords, credit cards, and identity information. Getting an SSL certificate is the easiest way to increase your customer's confidence in your online business. We provide a free SSL certificate with our every hosting account and additionally you can also purchase our premium SSL certificates.

We understand that having a secure backup nowadays is very important for every online website or application. We offer free cloud backups with our every SSD hosting, reseller hosting, and SSD VPS account. You can also purchase Acronis cloud backup solutions where you get full control over your incremental backups and restore. Rope Host is the official partner of Acronis backup.

We offer free DDoS protection with our every hosting account, utilizing our in-house DDoS protection solutions. We also offer free Cloudflare CDN and DDoS protection solutions, you can choose Cloudflare as an addon, during your hosting account signup. Rope Host is the official partner of Cloudflare CDN.

We provide a team of hosting experts to manage your SSD VPS, cloud servers, and dedicated servers. You can choose fully managed during your server checkout options. Our team of hosting experts can build, manage, and do a security audit on any workstation including advanced clustering and cloud solutions, cPanel servers, Plesk servers, DirectAdmin servers, Linux servers, and Windows servers.

Learn why we are an Industry Leading Provider of web hosting solutions

We have multiple Tier 3+ certified data center facilities in the USA and our network is ultra-fast with fully redundant failover architecture

  • Support

    We offer 24/7/365 customer caring support with our support desk working on holidays too.

  • Management

    We fully manage all of our infrastructure including managed cloud.

  • Technology

    We utilize the industries best certified and tested hosting hardware & software.

  • Speedy

    We use SSD Drives and powerful nodes to offer high-speed web hosting.

  • Scalable

    All of our plans are fully scalable and can be downgraded or upgraded easily.


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