How do I setup a SPAM Block/Filtering system?

Our cPanel has a built in feature, which allows you to block these email messages in a multitude of different ways. You can block them by:

- Sender
- Subject
- Message Header
- Message Body

1. Login to your control panel (
2. Select "Block an Email" or "Setup SPAM Filters"
3. Select "Add Filter"

If all you want to do is block a single email address, then simply leave the "current default setting" as is, and enter in the email address to be blocked. Click "Add Filter" and its done!

You'll see the list of email address's, and or expressions you've blocked. Beside each one of them will be a "Delete" option, so that you can remove the block from your account at a future time. When you block anything this filtering will be enabled on "All Email Accounts" within your domain.

For those of whom experience frequent problems with junk email messages, you'll be pleased to see this option provides a broad range of blocking options. Play around with the settings and try to block words or phrases based on the From Name, Subject, or Message Body Text. Be careful as this will match partial text and may block valid emails. For instance, blocking "via" will match other words such as viaduct, aviation, jovial, etc. 

It may take some time but its worth it to put spammers in their place, a black hole! If you're experiencing a high volume of junk mail, then there's a good possibility Spammers are taking advantage of your "catch all" option. 
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