I am unable to send email to AOL? etc.

If you are on a VPS / dedicated server, please make sure that your main IP has a reverse DNS setup. 

If you are on one of our shared / SDX / reseller servers, then this usually means that other users or you have setup email forwarding to AOL and caused a block at AOL. This is because when an email arrives at your domain and is set to forward to any of the following ISPs email addresses:


the email will be forwarded to the ISP email address as it is, which can include spam as well.

What happens next is that either the ISP's mail filters or the recipient marks that email as spam and since the place they see it coming from last is your server, it results in your hosting server being considered as the source of that spam. 

Here is an example of this issue posted on AOL:


[ When an AOL member clicks "this is spam" for a piece of email sent from one of your IPs, this is considered a "complaint". ]

This makes you the spammer and your server gets blocked at any of those ISPs. All these ISPs are known to use incoming filters and do not work well with email forwarding.


1. If you have a dedicated server or VPS, all users on your server should remove any forwarding to such ISPs and create proper email accounts (POP3/IMAP/webmail)on your server. 

2. If you are affected by the above problem and are using one of our shared hosting accounts, you can request support to get your account moved to a different server that is not being blocked by AOL or wait for AOL to unblock your current server, which happens automatically. 

3. If you are using a forwarder as mentioned above, please remove it.

4. If you are trying to send email to yourself at AOL, we recommend that you follow solution #1 and create a proper email account from your control panel.
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