My ISP blocks port 25 but I want to use SMTP on my hosting server. What other port to use?

You can use 465 smtps port. The shared SSL domain for your account is now ''. Make sure to replace 'servername' with the name of the server your account is on. To connect to that port, please use shared SSL domain and activate SSL in the email client.

For example in MS Outlook in the advanced settings, change the outgoing port number from 25 to 465 and select the checkbox "This server requires an encrypted SSL connection (SSL)" - also change mail server to (for outgoing server only).

For MS Outlook:

Tools > Email Accounts > View or change existing account

select the email account and press Change button

Change the outgoing mail server to:

Click on More Settings...

Click on Outgoing Server tab

select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"

and keep (o) Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Click on Advanced tab

under Outgoing server (SMTP)

select "This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)

and change 25 to 465 in front of it.

Press OK and save those settings.

Note: If you get a warning about SSL certificate not being trusted, please ignore that warning or ask the support to update the SSL cert for exim.

NOTE for VPS/Dedicated: If you are on Interworx control panel, please use port 587 instead of 465.
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